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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Since I haven't been out much over the past few months, I did go to the grocery store with hubby a few days ago.  I guess if you go on a regular basis the sticker shock might not be as bad.   We walked past the produce department and I thought how can families afford to eat healthy anymore.  Then we passed the meat department and I thought how can families afford protein.  Then I went to the dairy department and thought I need a dairy cow.

More and more I know homesteading is not only healthier but cheaper.  Yes the price of feed was going up but it seems to have leveled for now, maybe I shouldn't say that too loud.  The veggie garden we had this year did produce a fair amount for the short time it was producing and the tomato plants seem to be doing well.  This year they were planted in 5 gallon buckets, so they didn't drown like so many gardens did.  We also had raised beds for eggplant and cucumbers.  So all in all we were able to glean some fresh produce, although my onions and garlic didn't fare as well.  Thankfully we have very dear friends who planted things we didn't and they shared, which we are so grateful for.  There are also a number of farmers' markets in the area and we are able to purchase fresh produce from them.  Speaking of farmers markets, a 25 lb. box of canning tomatoes is just $10.00, cabbage was $1.00 for a large head and beets are $1.00 a bundle.  It maybe worth your while to find a farmers' market in your area. I believe you will fare better than the grocery stores as far as produce goes.

These days every penny counts.  With no end in sight, I fear prices will continue to escalate.  I understand many folks live in a city and feel they can't homestead, and maybe you can't like we do.  However there are things you can do to help cut costs.  Look for farmers' markets, even if they are a ways away go anyway. Look to start a co-op, you can share the cost of gas and still come out ahead. 

Have a group of like minded people over for coffee or ice tea.  Research where the markets are.  Set up a schedule to go to the markets.  Learn what's in season and plan meals around what can be purchased.  Also you may consider pooling other resources and possible funds to purchase canners and jars.  Find a location where you can store theses items and start a lending closet amongst your co-op community.  Just could be you'll find you already have a canning enthusiast among you or a sewer, crafter, computer expert, car mechanic or...

The days when communities worked together seems to have gone by the wayside.  This is so sad for all of us.  If we are going to get thru these times we will have to learn to work together again.  What am I saying, meet your neighbors, build your community.  Remember going back and doing things the old way might just get us thru the new times.

Have a safe and blessed day.

Friday, August 22, 2014


So I'm back writing again.  I know it's been a while but....  We have had some trying times, like a Hurricane, and of course yours truly got sick.  Not the dreaded summer cold, but bronchitis.  All joking aside I've been really ill.  There were nights I had my concerns.  A trip to the ER and a few calls to my healthcare provider was what saw me thru.  Oh yeah and I also broke my little toe at the same time.  Now we all think the little toe doesn't do a whole lot...   But let that little bugger get hurt and it will make you suffer for the injury it sustained.  Somewhat like a child who wants a toy when you said no and is relentless in his/her asking because there is no acceptance of the answer.

When it rains it pours and did it pour.  We have set records with the amount of rain we have had after
the hurricane hit us.  Let's just say there are still spots that haven't completely dried out.  I'm beginning to wonder if I'll like the taste of frogs legs since they are our chief crop now.  I can only say this about that, they're everywhere.  Yesterday parts of our county received so much rain in such a short time the roads flooded.

So what does all of this mean ...  Not much canning was done this summer.  We are now playing catch up and will probably have a much different selection of veggies over the winter.  Just because you are ill doesn't mean winter isn't coming.  We will have to rely more on fall veggies; because of our new reality I've gone back to the old canning books looking for more recipes.  I've found quite a few things and talking with the family I think a change is going to be received well by one and all.

Oh yeah the lemon, lime and orange trees are doing really well.  See, all the rain was good for something.

Have a Safe and Blessed day.