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Thursday, June 11, 2015


So the last thirty six hours have been tense.  We all know having livestock brings a certain element of well danger.  Depending on what livestock you have, there could be broken bones, head injuries and other such things.  I'm not trying to over dramatize this but it is true.  Over the last week we have had a raccoon and a fox, way to close to the animals.  So after I posted yesterday we went out to feed the animals.  We found that one of our rabbit cages had been over turned and the little guy was out.  We also found he had been injured.  So hubby as gently as he could picked up the injured little guy.  Being hurt and scared he did a good job of scratching up hubby.  Well then the thought of how the rabbit had been hurt started running through our minds.  This is what made the last thirty six hours scary. We placed a cautionary call to the county health department to get an opinion of what to do next.  We were told rabbits are low on the Rabies threat scale but because of the fox and raccoon being so close to the animals testing would need to be done.  Good news, this afternoon we got the all clear call.  The rabbit was negative for rabies and of course our stress levels went down.

I'm telling all of you this for one reason. We all become complacent on our homesteads.  One day is the same as the next or so we think.  We can go through our daily routines being what we believe is careful.  But there are unseen risks such as rabies.  Just a reminder take appropriate precautions when dealing with your animals.  And as always be careful and safe.

God Bless

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


So it's been a while since I last posted but that doesn't mean life on the homestead has stopped.  On the contrary it's been busier than ever.  Of course canning has been in full gear and the birth of many kids (goat) and bunnies have happened.  We currently have three ducks and several chickens taking turns sitting three nest.  It really is the funniest thing to see.  The ducks will set the nest and then one or more of the chickens will think it's their turn.  With a quick peck on the tail feathers, the ducks will go running across the yard letting all who will listen, know,  I'm not impressed. Then the chickens will take what they think is their rightful place on the nest.  It really is funny to watch.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention we now have a four month old lamb.  We had thought we might like to add a couple of lambs to the homestead as another source of meat but we weren't sure.  So we decided to try one (he's not lonely he's living with the goats).  Depending on how it works out, is whether or not we'll try this again.  Oh yeah number two grandson has named the newest member to the yard.  His name is the Great Maahh.  I'm also looking forward to the raw wool we will gain from the Great Maahh as well.

Our experiment last year with putting the garden in raised beds (made from cinder blocks) was a great success.  That led us to expand the concept and well the garden is huge. There are so many fresh veggies.  Number one grandson loves to help harvest and he is so funny.  Every time we harvest he says the same thing, "this is the biggest harvest ever". 

So as you can see we are still going strong.  I know this is short but the pressure canner is calling.  Don't forget to share your knowledge with someone else and of course have a Safe and Blessed day.