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Saturday, October 17, 2015


I've been under the weather for the past two weeks and finally feeling like I might be on the up swing.  Having said that, I have to share the past three days.  On Thursday of the past week hubby, myself, brother in law, sister in law, daughter, son in law, and grandchildren headed out for a favorite pumpkin patch.  We stopped and picked up sandwiches, fruit, drinks and a few other goodies for our adventure.  An adventure it soon became.  About half way there the car hubby and I were in just stopped.  Luckily we were able to coast into a church parking lot (maybe not luck at all, maybe divine intervention.)  Calling the lead car we were able to get everyone back to our location.  All the men folk were under the hood trying to figure out what was wrong.  Daughter soon took the situation into hand by calling her car service for a tow.  While waiting for the tow truck of course several of the children now needed a bathroom.  The church we stopped at had a Life Center building and someone was there to let us in.  We explained our dilemma and they were kind enough to help us out.  When the tow truck arrived we now had a new problem.  There were more of us than seats in the second car.  So hubby and son in law rode back with the tow truck and the rest of us in the second car.  So home we all made it, grateful the car turned out to be the only problem.

So Friday we thought we would reattempt the trip; with only one errand we would be on our way.  Well so much for one errand.  Son in law who has health issues and myself found we were really not up for the trip after all.  Explaining to the children we would have to postpone again was unfortunate but they understood.  That brings us to today.  Not wanting to disappoint the children for a third day in a row, the adults decided to try this again without telling the children our final destination. 

Well we headed into town and stopped at a yard sale before heading to the local farmers market.  From there we were going to attempt the pumpkin patch for the third time.  As bad luck would have it, I started feeling under the weather again.  Not wanting to postpone the trip again, I asked to be taken home and for daughter, son in law and the children to go on.  Remember the children still don't know their final destination.  All agreed and home hubby and I went.  I can only say how much I would have loved to have been on the hay ride when I heard about number two grandsons conversation with the staff of the pumpkin patch and it was confirmed by him.  Oh and grandson number two is the ripe old age of six.

Grandson:  How much is this pumpkin (pie size pumpkin)?  Staff member:  How about eighteen dollars?  Grandson:  How about free?  Staff member:  How about fifteen dollars?  Grandson:  How about zero dollars and zero cents?  Staff member:  Nah it's a three dollar pumpkin.  Grandson:  Really? for this little thing!  I'll get a bigger one.  The larger pumpkins are sixty-nine cents a pound.  So down off the hay ride he went with little pumpkin in hand to find a more reasonable pumpkin to carry home.  Staff members:  (Laughing out loud and heard saying) there's a future car salesman.

I have always joked that I grew up in an area where no one ever paid retail.  I'm now thinking number two grandson will take that philosophy with him wherever he may go.  Oh and the car that broke down.  The timing went.

As much as I would like to grow pumpkins myself, I know that I shouldn't.  We would lose too many precious memories.

Have a Safe and Blessed day and remember share your knowledge.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


What do you do when there's so much rain and you can't do anything outside?  Well I went on google plus and started another community.  This one is called "A Christmas you can afford".  I thought I could share a few ideas my family and I have done over the years.  Christmas is and always should be about the birth of Christ.  Giving gifts for this celebration shouldn't financially break a family.  Unfortunately too often it does.  Like I've said in the past, as our family grew we decided to make homemade gifts for each other.  The kids have even gotten into it.  I know Christmas seems a long way off but it's not.  That is if you want to get started making gifts.  Time really flies when you're busy.  So if you're interested please go over to google plus and look for the community.  I'll try and post a few times a week and if you need more details please leave a comment.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  If you have any ideas you would like to share, I would be so happy to post them.

Oh and the rain is done.  We've had approx. twenty inches of the wet stuff in a week.  Even the ducks are saying enough.  There was some flooding in our area but not as bad as South Carolina.  Please keep all those folks in your prayers.

As always have a Safe and Blessed day and remember share your knowledge.