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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Yesterday started off with the best of intentions.  Wake up early, sit at the computer so I could do a little blogging, get hubby and I off for dr. appointment, come home and start canning.  That was the plan.  This is really how the day went.  Got up early, got stung by I think a sweat bee, got hubby and I ready for dr. appointment, got a call as walking into dr. appointment goat may be in distress, got home, goat ok.  Hubby decided to butcher another goat for the freezer, hubby cut finger, back to town to ER, confused hospital staff, hubby got 5 stitches and then home again.  Even the best plans must be flexible.  Hopefully yours won't have to be that flexible.

While we were at the hospital we did have a good laugh with the staff, who were so nice and caring.  It started with the triage nurse, "how did you cut yourself?"  Hubby, "with a knife".  Triage nurse "doing what?"  Hubby "butchering a goat".  Triage nurse, "a goat?"  Hubby "yes a goat."  Triage nurse "a goat"?  Triage dr. "I've had goat".  Poor triage nurse "you've eaten goat?"  Triage dr. "yes my wife has even had a goat burger".  Me "oh where".  Triage Dr.  "Ireland."  Now this might not sound as funny as it was but you had to see all the faces while this conversation was happening.

We were sent back to the waiting room and told we would be called back shortly, it was at that time hubby made mention we hadn't had lunch yet.  So off to the cafeteria I went where I found two bottles of water and two tuna salads.  Bag in hand back to the lobby of the ER I went, only to find hubby had in fact been taken back to the Urgent care section of the ER.  So I was buzzed in and we had a quick lunch waiting for further medical attention.  That's when the second round of goat questions started.

A very nice nurse came into the area we had been dining and said "we were all waiting for you to come back, now what's this with a goat?"  We all laughed and explained what had happened.  For the most part all understood the reasons for homesteading (knowing what's in or on your food) and accepted it well.  The conversation turned to canning and which family members canned and what they canned.  Even the PA who sewed hubby's hand up had canned a little.  She had gotten a canner and such for Christmas from her mother-in-law (nice gift). 

That's when I remember thinking I hadn't canned that much this year.  As I listed the things I already canned, carrots, green beans, saurkraut, pickle relish, corn, pickled beets, blueberry pancake syrup, apple pancake syrup,  fig preserves, plum jam, pear butter, applesauce (just starting with early apples), salsa, pasta sauce, pepper butter, and beef stew I thought so maybe we'll ok this winter.

It seems we never think we're doing enough and I suppose that's a good thing.  It's what drives us to do better.  A way of thinking I fear is being lost among our youth.  Please remember to share your knowledge and talents with them, if you don't who will?  Remember someone thought you special enough to teach you. 

Goodbye Clay and thank you for your service.